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Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

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Hawaii Island Adventures

Is that sound you hear the helicopter or the beating of your heart? As you hover above Kilauea Volcano’s steaming Puu Oo vent it’s hard to tell. Taking a helicopter tour for a bird’s-eye view of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and the rest of the island’s hidden waterfalls, lush valleys and balmy beaches is just the beginning of an exhilarating Hawaii Island expedition.

With surroundings ranging from lava-strewn deserts to tropical plantations and gardens, you can engage in every imaginable outdoor activity here. Snorkel or scuba with manta rays off the Kona Coast. Horseback ride in the grassy plains of paniolo (Hawaiian cowboy) country in Waimea. Discover the 135-metre Akaka Falls and the 24-metre Waianuenue, also known as Rainbow Falls in Wailuku River State Park. Hike along the 241 kilomtres of volcanic desert and tropical trails at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

With so much to do and see, Hawaii Island is known as “Hawaii’s Island of Adventure,” and it won’t take long for you to see just how appropriately named it is.

Agricultural Tourism on Hawaii Island

On Hawaii, the Big Island, agricultural tourism takes you from the mountains to the sea, for fresh produce, flavorful meats and succulent seafood straight from the source.

Art Galleries and Museums of Hawaii Island

Whether it’s through paintings, sculptures, glassware, jewelry or hand-carved koa wood bowls, you’ll see the distinct styles that make the art found on Hawaii Island truly unique.

attractions , Culture and Arts , History , Museums
Beaches of Hawaii Island

Hawaii Island features some of the most picturesque and varied beach landscapes in the islands.

Beaches , Natural Beauty , Surfing , snorkeling , scuba , Hiking , Water Adventures , land adventures
Boating and Cruises on Hawaii Island

Hawaii Island offers a variety of ways to set sail and explore the seas.

Whale watching , snorkeling , scuba , Water Adventures , Manta Ray
Farmers' Markets on Hawaii Island

Visit farmers' markets on Hawaii Island and discover a unique variety of ethnic foods, fresh produce, and locally made artwork, crafts and gifts.

Food , Plantations , Farms and Gardens , Culture and Arts
Fishing on Hawaii Island

Hawaii Island is world famous for its sport fishing, its waters full of marlin and other big-game fish.

Water Adventures , Fishing
Hawaii Regional Cuisine on Hawaii Island

Hawaii Regional Cuisine inventively blends Hawaii Island's freshest flavors with the cuisine of the world.

Hiking on Hawaii Island

Whether you're looking for a challenging trail on fields of lava to short, Hawaii Island is heaven for hikers.

Hiking , Natural Beauty , land adventures
Historic Places of Hawaii Island

From the birthplace of King Kamehameha to the birthplace of paniolo, Hawaii Island is home to some of the most historic places in Hawaii.

History , Landmark , attractions , Museums
Horseback Riding on Hawaii Island

Explore the wealth of scenic, open landscapes in Waimea and other spots throughout Hawaii Island on horseback.

Horseback Riding , land adventures
Kayaking on Hawaii Island

The protected waters of the Kona, Kohala and Hilo coasts make Hawaii Island a perfect place to take a guided kayak or outrigger canoe tour.

Water Adventures , Natural Beauty
Manta Ray Diving on Hawaii Island

The Kona Coast of Hawaii Island offers the best opportunity to encounter Hawaii’s amazing manta rays.

Beaches , scuba , snorkeling , Manta Ray , Water Adventures
Marine Life on Hawaii Island

Explore the waters of Hawaii Island and you may see everything from manta rays and humpback whales to green sea turtles and dolphins.

Whale watching , Manta Ray , snorkeling , scuba , Cruises , Beaches , Water Adventures
Natural Wonders of Hawaii Island

From Kilauea Volcano to the peaks of Maunakea, Hawaii Island is home to a variety of incomparable natural wonders.

Natural Beauty , land adventures , Volcanoes
Paniolo (Hawaiian Cowboys) of Hawaii Island

Hawaii Island has a rich paniolo, or Hawaiian cowboy, culture dating back to the early 1800's.

Horseback Riding , Natural Beauty , History , land adventures , Culture and Arts
Parks of Hawaii Island

Hawaii Island features four National Parks, including Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, as well as beautiful state and county parks.

Natural Beauty , Beaches , Off the Beaten Path , Volcanoes , Landmark , land adventures
Petroglyphs of Hawaii Island

Hawaii Island has some of the most extensive sacred petroglyphs fields in Hawaii.

Hiking , History , Culture and Arts
Sig Zane’s Favourite Places in Hilo

Celebrated fashion designer Sig Zane shares his favourite spots in Downtown Hilo.

Off the Beaten Path , Natural Beauty , Culture and Arts , Plantations , Farms and Gardens
Snorkelling and Scuba on Hawaii Island

From North Kohala to South Kona, Hawaii Island is famous for its calm and clear waters perfect for snorkelling and scuba diving.

snorkeling , scuba , Water Adventures
Surfing on Hawaii Island

Whether watching surfers or taking your first surf lesson, Hawaii Island offers fantastic surf adventures from Hilo to Keauhou.

Water Adventures , Surfing , Beaches
Volcano Eruption Update on Hawaii Island

Recent updates on volcano activity in and around Hawaii Volcanoes National Park on Hawaii Island.

Volcanoes , Hiking , Natural Beauty , Off the Beaten Path , land adventures , sky adventures
Waterfalls on Hawaii Island

Some of Hawaii Island's most breathtaking and accessible waterfalls can be discovered along the Hilo and Hamakua Coast.

Waterfalls , Hiking , Natural Beauty , sky adventures
Whale Watching on Hawaii Island

From December to May, go on a whale watching tour or spot humpback whales from Hawaii Island's coastal areas.

Whale watching , Water Adventures , Beaches