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Kauai Arts & Culture

When you take a walking tour of Hawaiian culture on Kauai, you’ll feel the spirit of aloha in the air. Hawaii’s Island of Discovery is proud of being the oldest island in the Hawaiian chain and a sense of pride is infused in Kauai’s history as well as in the beauty of its hula.

You can learn about the history and culture of Kauai by visiting the Kauai Museum or Grove Farm Museum in Lihue, the Waioli Mission House in Hanalei Town and the Kokee Natural History Museum on the West Side. Visit Kauai small towns like Hanapepe, Koloa, and Waimea to get a taste of local flavour and culture. Kauai’s many festivals ( and events give you a chance to see the island from a local’s perspective. Explore beyond Kauai’s luxurious resorts to experience the true culture of Kauai.

Festivals of Kauai

Join in on the year-round celebrations of Kauai Festivals to experience how residents honour the culture of the islands.

Heritage Sites of Kauai

Heritage Sites of Kauai are must-see destinations that provide significant historical, cultural and environmental contributions to the understanding and enjoyment of Hawaii.

Historic Places of Kauai

From Captain Cook’s arrival in Waimea to the first sugar plantation in Koloa, take the time to explore Kauai’s rich history.

Live Music on Kauai

You’ll find live music venues throughout Kauai in restaurants, lounges and in the island’s fine hotels and resorts.