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Lanai Itineraries

Whether you’re visiting Lanai for a day trip or for an extended vacation, find an itinerary of must see and must do attractions and activities to fit your schedule.

Day-Trip Itinerary
Most who take the ferry from Lahaina for a day-trip to Lanai inevitably long to come back. Many visit for the day to play at Lanai’s world-class golf courses, the Manele Golf Course and the Experience at Koele. For others, Hulopoe Bay is a mandatory stop, once named America’s Best Beach and fronting the Four Seasons Resort Lanai. Swim, sunbathe and take a short hike past the tide pools to Puu Pehe (Sweetheart Rock). Then travel to the cool uplands of Lanai City for shopping, lunch and for a peek at the Four Seasons Resort Lanai, The Lodge at Koele. During the winter and early spring be sure to look for humpback whales on your ferry ride back to Maui.


Photo by Heidi Whipple
Hulopoe Bay, Lanai

Fronting the Four Seasons Resort Lanai, this protected bay is home to incredible tidal pools and is a great place to view dolphins.

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Lanai Golf

The Experience at Koele and Manele Golf Course rank among the best resort golf courses in Hawaii and the world.

Puu Pehe (Sweetheart Rock), Lanai

Rising from the waters between Hulopoe Bay and Manele Bay is the Lanai landmark Puu Pehe, also known as Sweetheart Rock.

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Whale Watching

The waters between Lanai, Maui and Molokai offer some of the best winter whale watching in the world.

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2 -3 Days
When staying a few days, be sure to take advantage of all the activities and amenities that Lanai’s resorts have to offer. From fine Hawaii Regional Cuisine dining to adventures ranging from horseback riding to clay shooting, there’s plenty to do right at your hotel. But be sure to rent a 4-wheel drive so you can explore Lanai’s 400 miles of unpaved road. Drive up to the scenic Munro Trail or take the bumpy ride to Kaiolohia (Shipwreck Beach) to discover some off the beaten path treasures.

4-Wheel Driving on Lanai

Lanai offers 640 kilometres of road to explore by 4-wheel drive. Fasten your seatbelts as you veer off the smooth concrete of Manele Road and Keomoku Highway to the dirt road toward Keahiakawelo.

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Kaiolohia (Shipwreck Beach), Lanai

Kaiolohia, also known as Shipwreck Beach, is located on the northeast coast of Lanai and features a ghostly ship, wrecked off shore.

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Munro Trail, Lanai

20.5-kilometre, off-road trail leading up to Lanai’s highest scenic point, Lanaihale.

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Resorts of Lanai

You’ll find two contrasting resorts on Lanai, the beachfront Four Seasons Resort Lanai and the country manor-style Four Seasons Resort Lanai, The Lodge at Koele.

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5+ Days
With an even longer stay you can see all of Lanai’s off-road attractions from Kanepuu Preserve and Keahiakawelo (Garden of the Gods) to the very remote Polihua Beach, where chances are you may find yourself alone on a two mile stretch of sand. For scuba divers, the underwater lava tubes called the Lanai Cathedrals are a popular attraction. And for fishermen, there’s no better way to spend an afternoon than casting off of Kaumalapau Harbor and watching the Lanai sunset.

Kaumalapau Harbor, Lanai

The main commercial seaport for Lanai, this is one of the best spots on the island to get an unobstructed view of the sunset.

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Keahiakawelo (Garden of the Gods), Lanai

Keahiakawelo, also known as Garden of the Gods, is an otherworldly rock garden at the end of rocky Polihua Road.

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Polihua Beach, Lanai

Polihua Beach is the most secluded beach on Lanai, a romantic, off-the-beaten-track destination.

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Snorkelling and Scuba on Lanai

Lanai offers ideal spots for first time snorkellers at Hulopoe Bay, and for experienced scuba divers, at the Lanai Cathedrals.

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