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Oahu Weather

Oahu is generally drier on the Leeward Coast (west) and wetter and greener on the Windward Coast (east). The resort area of Waikiki and the surfing mecca of the North Shore offer pleasant weather year round. Big wave surf season on the North Shore begins in November and ends in February. World-class surfing competitions also take place here between November and December. During the summer, the big waves of the North Shore subside leaving ideal beach going conditions.

There are generally two seasons on Oahu. Winter (November through April), when temperatures typically range in the low-20s to high-20s, and summer when the high can run into the low-30s. Average air temperature ranges from 23 degrees C to 31 degrees C with moderate humidity of 53% during the day. Gentle trade winds keep even the warmest months comfortable, so any time of year is a good time to visit Oahu.