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Hawaii's Arts & Culture: The Expression of Aloha Hawaii's Arts & Culture: The Expression of Aloha
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Hawaii's Arts & Culture: The Expression of Aloha

The diverse culture of Hawaii is expressed in (among other things) language, music, art, theater, dance, film, cuisine, and a multitude of festivals. At the core of each is the spirit of aloha, gracefully conveyed in a painter’s brush stroke, in the fluid arc of a hula dancer’s hands, or in the soft rhythm of a slack key guitar. Warmth, open-hearted generosity, and passion tempered by gentle humor are the primary elements of aloha that distinguish – and unify – the individual components of Hawaii’s Art & Culture. Explore each island’s Arts & Culture: Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, Maui, Hawaii’s Big Island

Date: April 05, 2015 to April 11, 2015

350 Kalanikoa Street Hawaii Island

Island Culture & Arts
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