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Kauai Itineraries

Whether you’re staying in Kauai for the weekend or for an extended holiday, find an itinerary of must see and must do attractions and activities to fit your schedule.

1 - 3 Days

When it comes to short stays on Kauai, your schedule will depend greatly on where you’ll be staying. Wherever you stay you’ll be close to one of Kauai’s incredible beaches, from Hanalei Bay on the North Shore to Poipu Beach Park on the South Shore. A visit to Kauai’s small towns will also give you a taste of the island’s culture, from Hanalei Town in the north to Old Koloa Town in the south and Hanapepe Town to the southwest. You may be able squeeze in seeing a waterfall like the easily accessible Opaekaa Falls or a natural attraction like Spouting Horn on your travels. And no trip is complete without seeing one of Kauai’s iconic natural wonders, so be sure to take a drive to Waimea Canyon on the West Side.

Beaches of Kauai

80 kilometres of white sand beaches surround Kauai, offering nice spots for swimming, snorkelling and sunbathing.

Beaches , Natural Beauty , snorkeling , Surfing , Scuba
Hanalei Town, Kauai

Timeless Hanalei Town is home to taro farms, art galleries and the Hanalei Pier overlooking beautiful Hanalei Bay.

Beaches , Culture and Arts , Shopping , Sunset
Hanapepe Town, Kauai

Known as “Kauai’s biggest little town,” charming Hanapepe Town is the art capital of Kauai.

Culture and Arts , History , Shopping , Nightlife , Off the Beaten Path
Old Koloa Town, Kauai

Old Koloa Town, in south Kauai, is a charming area with a historic plantation past.

History , Shopping , Dining , Culture and Arts , Entertainment , luau , Nightlife , Events , Off the Beaten Path
Opaekaa Falls, Kauai

With a roadside lookout, this is one of Kauai's most accessible major waterfalls.

Waterfalls , Hiking , Natural Beauty , Land Adventures
Poipu Beach Park, Kauai

Poipu Beach Park, on Kauai’s south shore, was once voted “America’s Best Beach.”

Beaches , Water Adventures , Snorkeling , Scuba , Sunset
Spouting Horn, Kauai

Spouting Horn Park features a blowhole that’s one of the most photographed spots on Kauai.

Landmark , Sunset , History , Whale watching , Natural Beauty , Activities
Waimea Canyon, Kauai

Waimea Canyon, on Kauai’s west side, is nicknamed “The Grand Canyon of the Pacific.”

land adventures , Landmark , Natural Beauty , Hiking , kayak , Surfing , scuba , Water Adventures , Beaches

4 - 7 Days

With a longer stay you’ll have time to explore Kauai’s iconic Napali Coast. Whether you, take a boat tour or see it from the Kalalau Valley Lookout in Kokee State Park, this may be the highlight of your trip. You’ll also have time to hike the trails of Kokee State Park, Waimea Canyon or other spots like Nounou Mountain (Sleeping Giant). Relax and take a leisurely kayak trip down the Wailua River to the Fern Grotto or tour one of the Kauai’s vast botanical gardens. Take some time to visit historical spots like Kilohana Estate, experience a luau or go shopping for souvenirs in Kapaa Town to round out your Kauai getaway.

Fern Grotto, Kauai

The Fern Grotto is a beautiful lava-rock grotto covered with hanging ferns, popular for weddings.

attractions , Land Adventures , Natural Beauty , Water Adventures , Weddings and Honeymoons
Kapaa Town, Kauai

North of Wailua on the East Side is Kapaa Town, a great area for shopping on Kauai.

Kauai Gardens

Kauai's rich landscape offers some of Hawaii's most beautiful botanical gardens.

Plantations , farms and gardens , Natural Beauty
Kilohana Estate, Kauai

Past Lihue is Kilohana, a restored plantation estate that provides a glimpse of life in the 1930s.

attractions , History , Dining , Weddings and Honeymoons , family
Kokee State Park, Kauai

Kokee State Park features 72 kilometres of Kauai’s best hiking trails and is the home of the Kalalau Lookout.

Hiking , land adventures , Natural Beauty , snorkeling , scuba , Water Adventures , beaches , Whale watching , Wellness and Rejuvenation
Napali Coast, Kauai

The Napali Coast is a breathtaking coastal range that can only be accessed by hiking, sea tour or helicopter tour.

land adventures , Landmark , Natural Beauty , Water Adventures , Hiking , attractions , Off the Beaten Path , ziplining
Nounou Mountain (Sleeping Giant), Kauai

Legendary mountain range that looks like a sleeping giant featuring a scenic hiking trail.

Land Adventures , Hiking , Natural Beauty , Beaches , Waterfalls , Landmark , plantations , Farms and Gardens
Wailua River, Kauai

Kauai has the only navigable rivers in Hawaii, and the Wailua River is one of the most popular.

Natural Beauty , Water Adventures

8+ Days

With an extended stay you’ll have plenty of time to explore the island the Kauai way – with no rush. Spend a day playing a round of golf on one of Kauai’s fine courses. Visit one of Kauai’s many festivals or learn more about Kauai’s history at places like Alekoko, Menehune Fishpond and along the Koloa Heritage Trail. Or take a break from the sun and see the artifacts and exhibits at the Kauai Museum, the Waioli Mission House and Church or the West Kauai Technology and Visitor Center in Waimea Town. But the most important thing to do on a long stay in Kauai is to kick back, relax and soak in the beauty and tranquility of Kauai.

Alekoko, Menehune Fishpond, Kauai

According to legend, the Menehune built Alekoko Fishpond on Kauai’s southeast shore in one night.

Culture and Arts , land adventures , History , Natural Beauty
Kauai Golf

From Princeville to Poipu, there are nine amazing golf courses at seven venues on Kauai.

Kauai Museum, Kauai

Located in Lihue, the Kauai Museum features amazing collections from the artisans of Kauai and Niihau.

History , attractions , Culture and Arts
Koloa Heritage Trail, Kauai

Koloa Heritage Trail, on Kauai’s south shore, spotlights significant cultural, historical and geological sites.

Hiking , History , Culture and Arts , Plantations , farms and gardens
Waimea Town, Kauai

A statue of Captain James Cook, who first landed in Hawaii at Waimea Bay in 1778, can be found in the center of this historic seaport town.

Off the Beaten Path , Culture and Arts , Museums , Hiking , Shopping , land adventures , ziplining , Natural Beauty
Waioli Mission House and Church, Kauai

Waioli Mission House and Church is a Hanalei landmark, giving a glimpse of what Kauai was like in the early 1800s.

History , Museums , Culture and Arts