Art Walk in Chinatown border

Art Walk in Chinatown

From hula to hand crafted artifacts, the arts have flourished in Hawaii since ancient times. Meet contemporary Hawaii artists who follow a noble tradition in the arts district of Downtown Honolulu and Chinatown.

Go on the Chinatown art walk and stroll along and around Nuuanu Avenue and Bethel Street near the historic Hawaii Theatre to discover a variety of galleries. The Pegge Hopper Gallery has a notable collection of original paintings and affordable prints. The Ramsay Museum is located in the historic Tam Sing Building and is known for fine pen and Indian ink work that you can view with a magnifying glass. Or just wander into one of the many other eclectic art galleries, like the Arts at Marks Garage or the Chinatown Boardroom, and discover an artist for yourself.

The best time to explore this urban setting is on the first Friday night of each month during the neighbourhood’s First Friday celebration. You’ll meet the artists at open houses and get a taste of Chinatown’s exciting dining and nightlife scene. Here is a list of some of the galleries found along the Chinatown art walk:

The ARTS at Marks Garage
The Cathedral Gallery
The Art Treasures Gallery
Louis Pohl Gallery
Pegge Hopper Gallery
Studio of Roy Venters
Hawaii State Art Museum (HISAM)
The Contemporary Museum at First Hawaiian Center